Glaistig Faeries

Glaistig Fairies

Glaistig Faeries

Height: 12-16 inches standing
Body: skin is often alabaster color when happily trimming flowers

Glaistig faeries use their flying agility to preen flower gardens and trees. A caring glaistig may bring you a freshly cut flower to bolster your mood, as their empath abilities sense emotions readily. These Faere Folks form a communication network across the lands, spreading news as fast as their wings can fly.

Glaistig Soldiers

Height: 12-16 inches standing
Body: skin and wings change color to surrounding environment in soldier mode

Glaistigs can become fierce soldiers when danger nears. Their faces transform with horns protruding from cheeks, nostrils expanding to sniff out danger, jaw extending so their two rows of sharp teeth can skillfully cut and capture with a snapping motion like an animal trap. Their clothes change to tight camouflage clothing with a weapons belt often holding an array of knives, razor-sharp throwing discs and canisters that hold deadly substances known only to the Glaistigs.

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