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The Nostaws live in Cambria training their warriors, staying isolated from others since this land is surrounded by shoals and whirlpools making the shores unreachable.

Dinas Affaraon

Those with innate skills are trained in mastery of Runes magic in Dinas Affaraon. The warm Oceanic climate provides for a land of lush green regrowth on top of a bed of ancient lava rock.

Castle at Dinas Affaraon

Retreat location for the governing Council of Adepts

Runes Institute of Learning

Residing in the capital city Annwan, Runes Institute of Learning is where those with innate skills are trained in Runes magic.


To live peacefully without invasion from outsiders, the people of Matreach use magic to protect the borders of their land, so they remain hidden from outsiders.


Fryscar is the town closest to the portal that permits a select few, like Nyreada, to pass back and forth to the Kingdom of Skye.

Training Ground

Large open area where Alistar trains Tipei in coordinated mass attack strategy

Tipei Arena

Large caged area where Tipei master is trained in commanding Tipei


Matreach is governed in the town of Cranncairn by the Council of Ministers, who meet in the Castle in the Tree.

Tipei Nesting Area

Tipei live together in the nesting area when not needed for defense purposes.

Donnagate Mountain

Filled with huge veins of silver, mined by citizens of Matreach, and traded for what they need from the Kingdom of Skye to protect their land.

Kingdom of Skye

While all of the Kingdom of Skye was unified under the previous King, some rebellious counties are still not under the control of the latest ruler, Emperor Mallak.


Stagwell’s commerce and lifestyle has been stifled by fear and taxes imposed by Emperor Mallak. Ansel manages to keep his blacksmith shop running here.


Raraesa and Lecque lived and ran a farm in Nilewood for years, a rural village on the outskirts of Stagwell.

Castle Maol

The seat of power in the Kingdom of Skye is Castle Maol, where Emperor Mallak lives and rules, with the aid of his black magic and magical cape. The castle has fallen into disrepair and the surrounding landscape is dying off or dead.


Once a beautiful town with landscaped plazas, Ginside has fallen into disrepair, but Madam Trinity still resides here.

Port Havolee

Port Havolee is the closest fishing port to Stagwell and Nilewood, but accessible by land to only those who know the special entrance, so this port is not under the control of Emperor Mallak.

Resistance Camp

Secret location where a plan to overthrow Emperor Mallak is being organized.


Within the County of Carfield, Brightenrid is home to the Bretheren Pub, where Ankter and Lecque meet to discuss their rebellion plans.


During their journey between Ginside and Nilewood, travelers stay in this bereft town that houses the Ghost Raven Tavern.


Still not under the control of Emperor Mallak, Whiencaster’s moors are the site of significant covert meetings.


Large city carved into an inactive volcano, comprised of five towns each town on one of five tiers. Dwarves carved out the city, then abandoned it when a dwarf plague hit, so humans reside there now.

Nostaw Death Site

Iggy appears in the Kingdom of Skye at the Nostaw Death Site, meeting Lecque here as well as a perishing Nostaw warrior.

Black Cairns

The Black Cairns are tall black sheer mountains that form the eastern border of the Kingdom of Skye.

Odal Pass

Shortcut to/from the dwarf caves, haunted by baisd bheulachs who consider themselves protectors of this pass

Dwarf Caves

Dwarf clans began living isolated from other clans underground when the Morose Contagion spread through dwarf communities.

Scathach Makao

Isolated from the Kingdom of Skye behind the Black Cairns and Valley of the Fog, the warrior Scathatch makes her home here.

Valley of the Fog

A break in the long mountainous chain of Black Cairns holds the Valley of the Fog, a treacherous place that helps keep Scathach Makao isolated.

Fairy Pools

The sparkling waters and minerals in the Fairy Pools typically do not attract horrific creatures.


The Nostaw

Nostaw Warrior



Basid Beulach

Baisd Bheulachs







Glaistig Soldier






Castles & Places

Dinas Affaroan

The Castle at Dinas Affaraon

Castle In the Tree

The Castle in the Tree





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