Baisd Bheulach

Old Guy Beulach
Basid Beulach
Baisd Bheulach Book 3
HEIGHT: varies
BODY: varies

Baisd Bheulachs are the guardians of the Odal Pass in the Kingdom of Skye. Victims of baisd bheulach attacks hear a chest-thumping growl and see red eyes before the attack starts. Only attacking at night, baisd bheulachs use their shape shifting ability to lure victims into complacence. When they attack in pairs or individually, they often take on the shape of an oversized wild boar, an additional horn centered on their forehead with long fangs and a forked tongue. When attacking as a pack they often take on a shape that has the torso of a gorilla, head of a lizard with sharp fanged teeth and forked tongue, and four fingers tipped with needle-like talons.

Book 1: attack near the Fairy Pools
Book 2: lured into complacence by a shape shifter in the Odal Pass
Book 3: Attacking as a pack suspiciously far from the Odal Pass

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